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Terms and Conditions - Underground PLR Articles

Underground PLR Articles

Terms and Conditions

To purchase and use PLR articles from Underground PLR, and the Article Underground Content & Traffic system you must agree to our terms and conditions.

Each set of articles that you receive as a member you are licensed to use for your own non-exclusive use, but will have these following terms and conditions:

We provide you PLAIN TEXT FILES with RAW UNFORMATTED articles that do not have TITLES or AUTHOR CREDITS.

You may edit and change the article text and are welcome to credit with an author of your choice.

You may use these articles for your own non-exclusive personal use only and can publish them on web sites that you own.

You are not allowed to give the articles or zips away or sell them in any manner.

Basically you are free to use them in any manner as long as you do not make these articles available to third parties as a gift, bonus, or sale. You may NOT repackage the articles and distribute in any manner.

While we don't advise submitting articles to directories for distribution or promotion, you may do so if you modify the articles so as to avoid duplication penalties by the individual directories.

Not submitting to directories also makes the articles more effective for you and our membership. If you do not submit them to article directories, it will be easier to get traffic and rank in the top ten of the search engines.

That's your call. We don't reccommend that.

Just don't sell the articles or give them away.

Other than that - tweak and modify away!

I, Mike Liebner, of Creative Power, reserve the right to deny service to any individual or company, and revoke or discontinue membership for any reason. I also reserve the right to discontinue this service for any reason if it is deemed necesary. I also reserve the right the modify my offer or the features and specificatons without notice.

Please print this terms and conditions document to keep for your personal records.

Mike Liebner
Creator and Owner of Article Underground Content & Traffic System
Creative Power
12400 Ventura Blvd. #207
Studio City, CA 91604
(310) 734-1574


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PLR stands for Private Label Rights - and in this case we are offering you our exclusive back issue PLR articles from Article Underground. Our license and terms allow you to use the PLR articles on your web sites without having to give any credit (except to yourself if you want!) - and - you can freely modify and tweak the articles to make them fit perfectly on your web site. In fact it is highly recommended that you add extra sentences and keywords to your web pages so you can get even more traffic and top rankings!

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Our keyword research consistently reveals thousands of keyword phrases that we turn over to our staff of professional ghostwriters, who turn out high quality articles that have all the qualities that will make your web pages deserving of ranking in the top ten today, tomorrow and long into the future.

Our zips are rich and diverse - they are NOT themed or grouped into cookie-cutter sets of topics - each article is written for a very specific "exact keyword phrase"! Have a look at one of our recent zips list of file names. Look at all those big money keywords! Each zip of 400 articles is loaded with tons of opportunities!

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