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A Million And One Ways to Use PLR Articles in Website Marketing

Would you like to save time and increase effectiveness of your article marketing efforts?

There are millions of ways to use PLR Articles creatively! Here are a few suggestions!

PLR Articles (private label rights articles) such as those from Underground PLR can really cut down the time spent on submitting articles when you are working on getting high quality contextual links.

bu-logo-tv-noise-black-ani-70x70It’s a known fact that having a TEXT LINK in an article that is contextually relevant with lots of related words can really boost the rankings for your target keywords. But the only problem is that it takes time to write good related articles to post in blogs and submit to article directories.

That’s where PLR Articles come in! They make life easier!

Having a huge library of 10,000 or even 20,000 articles can really cut down time spent submitting articles because all you have to do is search for articles with your keywords and then boom – copy and paste!

If you want to take it a step further you can even do things like rewrite sentences or even complete articles or simply add a few new sentences (beginning – middle and end works well) to make the articles more original and unique (and have more related words too!).

It’s so easy to improve the articles by adding sentences that contain MORE of your related keywords.

Adding extra sentences will make the article more unique and also add more KEYWORD CANDY that Google will eat up!

This stuff works! A little bit of smart work and you can really improve your results!

Also – one of my favorite tricks is to find several related articles with my keyword(s) and then cut and paste snippets from each of them together to get a nice combined article of paragraphs from different articles. Then I add my own sentences and boom – you have super effective new article for posting to blogs and linking!

Could you do that without a library of PLR articles to search and grab from? Not really! It’d be much harder. And when you have a huge library such as with articles from Underground PLR (originally from Article Underground) you can really do some amazing and fast linking campaigns.

So – if you want to boost your marketing efforts consider grabbing some PLR Articles from Underground PLR. They only cost $67. for each 400 article zip and if you buy 2 you get 1 free!

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