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What keywords are the articles written for?

Are you curious about the kind of articles you get with the special offer that includes Blogging Underground for free when you invest in the 9,600 PLR article package?

BU is Blogging UndergroundHi, it’s Mike Liebner from Blogging Underground and I regularly get emails from people who are interested in grabbing the 9,600 article special for $149. who ask about the keywords and topics the articles are written for that are included in the offer.

The articles are written and optimized for keywords in a huge variety of subjects and cover just about anything you can imagine, provided people actually search for those words.

Best of all you get to to pick the article zips that you want!

The best way to see what kinds of articles we have is by searching our article content for your keywords

You’ll get a list of articles with excerpts showing the keywords which will help you pick the packs that are best for you.

> 200 Free Articles

While you are there download the free zip of 200 articles so you can inspect them for yourself.

Now, the articles are normally $67. for each 400 article pack (or you can buy 2 and get 1 free) however when you grab the secret special PLR Article Package of 9,600 articles, it’s only $149. and includes 1 full year of Blogging Underground for free as your bonus, but only if you buy from this secret link:

9,600 article special for $149.

Blogging Underground for free? Yes! Free as a bonus!

There are actually 2 ways to get the 9,600 articles with Blogging Underground as the bonus.

1) 9,600 articles for $149. with 1 Full Year of Blogging Underground included free!

Secret URL is here:

9,600 article special for $149.

2) Get the 9,600 Package with BU as Bonus with Voice Stak – more info at the BU BLog

> Get BU free as Bonus with Voice Stak

Voice Stak is a widget that allows you to capture audio and video messages from website visitors.

Either way you save big and get a huge stash of articles and full access to post to the nearly 200 blogs in the Blogging Underground network of blogs!

Best wishes for your online success!

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