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Fresh Blogs Are More Successful!

Let’s face it – the most successful websites and blogs are the ones that have content added frequently!

PLR Articles ZipIf it’s a newsy or niche oriented blog it may have feature articles or reviews, along with lots of regularly added short little posts. Giving something new to the audience so they keep coming back for more.

If the blog is more of a marketing vehicle, it will usually have longer articles or reviews that speak of the benefits of a product or service, along with short related posts that are regularly posted to keep people informed and interested in the area the blog or website covers.

Longer articles added less frequently – short blog type posts added often! That’s a winning formula!

Regardless of the type of website or blog – it’s clear that the more web content you put up – the more page views you will get!

Stale blogs fall to the wayside and unless they’re updated are less likely to be found. Also search engines favor sites that are fresh and have new stuff added regularly and have new links coming in from other websites and social media. Factors like web content and link freshness help search engines rank web pages for search queries.

So – if we know that we must keep our blogs fresh with new content in order to rank higher and attract more visitors – we should reach for tools to help us get articles and posts up fast!

Well written PLR articles such as those from Article Underground and the Underground PLR Store are execellent sources of web content that can keep a site fresh! They have many uses and are so easy to use!

Similar to syndicated content and articles, but far better, PLR articles can be modified and tailored to fit a site perfectly! Also unlike syndicated content there is no obligation to link to the writers websites or even mention their name!

PLR Articles make keeping websites fresh and easy thing to do!

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