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Our PLR Articles are better because my “ghostwriters” are better!

It’s not easy finding really good writers because there are too many people out there seeking work as writers who have poor writing skills. I need to go through at least 30 applicants to find just ONE dependable and honest writer.

My name is Mike Liebner and I introduced Article Underground to the world back in February of 2006. It was a big hit and and still is today because people can depend on the high quality articles I release like clockwork every month on the 16th!

A lot of the so called “web writers” out there looking for work are simply not proficient with speaking the English language. This makes it extremely hard to find writers who can write good articles for publishing on web sites, newsletter and ebooks.

When I first started hiring writers to write articles for my web sites back in 2004, I quickly discovered that the majority of the applicants could barely write decent English – much less follow my instructions to optimize an article for SEO.

I must say I was initially very skeptical that I could ever trust others to write articles the way I did with “search engine optimization” in mind. I needed articles that read well enough, so that my visitors, as well as human reviewers, would be satisfied with the content on my web site – BUT – I also needed articles with lots of great keywords in them to satisfy the search engines and help me get more targeted web traffic.

It’s a challenge to write articles with good SEO in mind and still have content that is satisfying and fun to read!

Me, I took great pride in being able to write creatively. I could also properly spell most words and be grammatically correct enough so that people who read my stuff would have a positive experience and impression.

Not all writers are capable of this. In fact – most of them are poor at writing.

You must have good content on your web site if you want to be successful!

That’s important for a few reasons. You don’t want to spend time earning the visits only to scare them off with poor content that reads poorly. Most PLR articles out there read like a child in a 3rd world country has written them or feel like they have been spun by bad spinning software.

Face it – if you want to succeed poor content is simply not good enough to help you gain the trust you need so you can earn a good reputation with the search engines – because top rankings can send you a mind blowing amount of traffic.

The difficulty I faced when I was first hiring writers actually turned out to be a blessing for me because I developed a process to find and qualify the writers and then train them to write exactly the way I needed.

I needed articles that were tightly focused on keywords – BUT – the articles had to be relevant to the subject and include other related words. Most importantly the articles had to make sense and be fun to read.

It turned out that I developed a large staff of writers and the surplus of great content I was acquiring led me to create Article Underground and share my content with other webmasters in the form of “Keyword Optimized” PLR Articles (Private Label Rights).

The articles were so good and I had so many of them that I packaged them in sets of 400 and restricted each set to no more than 350 customers.

I quickly gained a huge following with over 1,000 subscribers paying me $97. a month for the articles.

To this day I still have hundreds of happy Article Underground members paying me $97. a month for a fresh set of 400 keyword optimized PLR Articles. I also started offering annual memberships because so many members were staying with us!

If you need good content for your web site – you can trust that our PLR articles are the best Private Label Rights articles you can buy!

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