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Fresh Blogs Are More Successful!

Let’s face it – the most successful websites and blogs are the ones that have content added frequently! If it’s a newsy or niche oriented blog it may have feature articles or reviews, along with lots of regularly added short little posts. Giving something new to the audience so they keep coming back for more. If the blog is more of a …

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Features Video – Limited Distribution

Article Underground PLR Articles are better! I just added a new video that explains why Article Underground PLR Articles are less saturated than those other awful PLR Articles peddled out there. The key is Limited Distribution. Check out the video which shows in detail how those other guys articles appear on way too web pages and are worthless! Video on …

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Are you ready for the next big thing or upcoming holidays?

There are a lot of opportunities to grab seasonal or hot trending traffic if you’re ready for it! There are a lot of advantages to having a toolbox that includes lots of PLR Articles covering a wide variety of topics. In the case of Article Underground PLR articles each pack of 400 articles covers many fantastic keywords including holiday themes …

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Online Marketing in 2012

Online sales for web content are strong! The first month of the new year is drawing to an end and all seems well in 2012! I’m accustomed to January being a big month and this year did not disappoint! I’m optimistic the economy is improving as it seems people are willing to reach into their wallets and invest in their businesses. It …

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Who writes our excellent PLRArticles?

Why are our PLR Articles so good when so many of the PLR Articles out there are awful? The secret is in hiring the right writers! We have a staff of talented ghostwriters who do all the work and let you take the credit! I wrote an article explaining how I work with our writers to make sure they only …

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